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Posts from the blog

I’m a life-long learner and always trying to learn something new about leadership. Join me on my journey by reading my blog! If you’re interested in leadership, introversion, and authenticity, this is the place for you. I post a new article each month—sometimes more than one if I’m feeling inspired!

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Want to be a better collaborator?

Collaboration is an important leadership skill. Learn what stops us from collaborating effectively and how you can build a more collaborative leadership style.

How to hold people accountable as a leader

Having to hold people accountable is one of the harder things for a leader. Learn some tips to make the conversations less stressful and more productive.

How to know your leadership style

It can be overwhelming to figure out what leadership style you use. Both your environment and your personality affect your choice.

Why we need introvert leaders

Can an introvert be a good leader? Absolutely! Read the full article to learn about 3 areas where introverts shine when leading teams.

3 ways to find the fun at work

When things get busy, it’s easy to forget about having fun at work. But playfulness offers lots of benefits to you and your team. Learn 3 ways to find the fun!

Reflecting—January 2023 in review

This month, I’ve been reflecting on the value of connection. Join me as I review what I’m putting in place to build community and connection in 2023.

Regaining your focus

Lately, it’s hard to focus. It seems to be a global phenomenon to struggle to pay attention. Why is it so hard to focus on the things we know are important?

Year in Review: What I learned in 2022

2022 was a busy year, filled with lots of learning and change. Join me as I reflect back on everything I learned this year.

How to break free from limiting beliefs

Sometimes our beliefs aren’t beneficial to us. How do you identify the limiting beliefs you hold and challenge them to free yourself to achieve what you want?


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