About Beki

I support leaders to find their voice and lead more authentically to empower their teams and feel more human at work.

About Beki

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I have a passion for supporting introverts in leadership positions. There is a power to a leader that listens more than they talk and empowers their teams to reach their full potential. In my role as your coach, I’ll help you unlock that power.

As an introvert myself, I worked hard to learn how to lead in alignment with my natural style. There is a lot of messaging that tells leaders they should be more authoritative, louder, and decisive, but that’s not necessarily true. Many teams benefit from a different approach that feels more natural to introverts.

Through my career, I was lucky to find leaders that believed in me and helped me to lead in a way that felt authentic to me. Finding the courage to be the leader I wanted to be made the role more enjoyable and, more importantly, made my teams more successful.

Now, as a leadership coach, it’s my mission to support other leaders to step into their full potential and be the leader they want to be.

Why “On Being Human”?

For years I tried to create a solid line between my work self and my ‘real’ self. That led me to a burnout and the realization that it wasn’t healthy to create such a stark delineation in our lives.

To me ‘being human’ at work means bringing your whole self to your leadership role. You can call it authenticity or integrity, but it just means letting go of all the ideas of how leaders ‘should’ be and figuring out how to bring your true self to the work you do every day.

It also means leading in a way that allows your team members to do the same. It means acknowledging the diversity of your team and creating an environment that can unleash their full potential.

We all benefit when leaders show up in a more human way at work. As your leadership coach, I’ll help you do that.

Who do I work with?

I am located in Victoria BC and I work with leaders across Canada.

My clients are:

  • New leaders who are establishing themselves in their leadership role,
  • Experienced leaders who are going through a change (to a new workplace, a new industry, or a new location), or
  • Experienced leaders who would like support to continue growing their skills.

Common desires are to:

  • Decide who they are in their current leadership context
  • Find their voice at work to lead effectively as a quiet leader
  • Build presence in a way that feels authentic to who they are
  • Develop soft skills to build stronger relationships at work

Does this sound like you? Read more about the coaching services I offer or set up a free call to explore what coaching options will work for you.

Why should you trust me with your leadership journey?

I’ve been where you are.

For over a decade, I have held leadership positions in organizations. I have worked in operational and technology leadership roles in a Crown Corporation and a Financial Services organization, primarily with project teams. My areas of expertise are in creating high-performing cross-functional teams; supporting talented, intelligent people to work better together to reach team goals; leading in a distributed/remote environment; and understanding complexity to guide teams to work autonomously.

I am a certified project management professional, a certified professional and business coach, and hold a BCom and an MBA. As a life-long learner, I am always learning more about leadership and psychology in organizations.

I write about leadership topics in my monthly blog updates and host a free monthly discussion group to help local leaders build connections and develop their skills.

My Credentials

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) – University of Victoria
  • Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation – Royal Roads University
  • BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) – University of Victoria
  • PMP® (Project Management Professional) – Project Management Institute
  • PMI-ACP® (PMI Agile Certified Professional) – Project Management Institute
  • Certified Professional & Business Coach – Canada Coach Academy
  • Dare to Lead™ trained – Inspired Results Group