What happens when you try something new

try something new
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Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. Consistency can be really comfortable. Sometimes that’s a good thing. You need moments to be comfortable, moments where you’re able to lean on habits and routines. Sometimes, though, you need to stretch yourself and try something new.

3 things happen when you try something new

When you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you can experience some helpful benefits to you and your life.

Change your perspective

First, by surrounding yourself with different people and different experiences, you’ll be challenging yourself to change your perspective. When we have very similar experiences all the time, we limit our understanding of the world to a very narrow frame of reference. Do you really understand people who are different from you? Do you have variety in the people you interact with on a regular basis?

Exposing yourself to different situations naturally exposes you to different kinds of people. This allows you to challenge your assumptions of the world and grow as a person.

Build new skills

In addition to changing your perspective on the world, you’ll also give yourself a chance to build new skills and become a more well-rounded person. When you try something new, you’ll naturally need to flex a muscle that you don’t typically exercise. Studies have even found that people end up performing better at their jobs when they engage in creative hobbies outside of work.1

Gain confidence

Finally, testing yourself by trying something new can help to increase your confidence over time. Trying new things can be scary and not everyone has the courage to jump into something completely unknown later in life. Knowing that you were able to overcome your fears and take the plunge can give you new levels of confidence.

How to try something new and leave your comfort zone

While we know that there are benefits to pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Consider what you always wanted to try “once you found the time.” Maybe there’s something you’ve always imagined yourself doing or something you saw on your Instagram feed that looked like fun. Start there.

If leaving your comfort zone is new to you, start with something small. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an athlete? Then sign up for a beginner fitness class at your local rec centre. If you want to be a singer, watch some YouTube videos and learn some proper technique. You don’t need to jump right into the deep end if you’re not ready, but find a baby step you can take and start your journey.

As for me, I’m starting on my latest ‘something new.’ This month I took my first improv class — something I have always thought looked like fun, but never imagined myself being able to do. It was scary and exciting, and ultimately, I’m glad that I tried it. Trying something new can be hard, but I’ve never regretted making the attempt.

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